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Jacob Kuker

Christian Content Creator

Cub Kuker is a “Christian Content Creator” utilizing social media videos to build a strong community and share his positive growth-minded voice online.

Cub’s audience is largely centered on  “gen z” with an average age of 14-20 years old.

Cub’s personal mantra is: -Called to the Virtual Wilderness- Taken from the Bible verse “I am a voice of one crying out in the wilderness” — John 1:23 CSB.

Cub is a voice for progress within the online Christian community and has built a following of well over 20k in less than 6 months of being an exclusive faith based creator. His online membership is becoming a popular way of monetizing his influence with a goal of 1000 members by Dec. 2021.

Cub’s popular videos include his series’: Biblical life hacks, live streaming video game sermons, and weird stuff in the Bible! Cub keeps it fun and lighthearted rather than preachy and focuses on peace, love, Yeshua/Yahweh. 0

Cub has mentored under highly respected local and national pastors, business leaders, influencers, celebrities, and spiritual leaders. Cub is the author of “God-given Gifts of Brilliance” a new book aimed at helping every generation discover and utilize their true gifts and self.

During Cub Kuker’s session you will learn how to find your true self and tap into your “God-given gifts” so you can share that person with the world online.

Cub’s core values are leadership, creativity, adventure, and love.